When do is payment due for transport?

Do you wait at the appointments?

We may wait with you for an additional fee, however most of our medical transports are given a card and call when you are ready. We will come pick you up shortly.

If you have any of your questions were not answered, please give us a call! Any of our office staff will be able to answer any questions you have.

We can take payment in cash, check, or credit cards. We accept most credit cards.​

Do you provide same day services?​​

Do you accept insurance?

​​Do you only provide rides for medical appointments?

In addition to medical transports can provide a ride for anything you need. We specialize in parties, outings, and dinners.

Are passengers allowed to ride along? 

We can provide same day service if our schedule is permitting. We request for at least 24 hour notice to guarantee a medical transport.

​Do you service outside of Tulsa?

We take payment at the beginning our the transport. There is no fee to hold your spot.

Yes, we do transports all over the state of Oklahoma.

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers:

Yes, all of our vehicles are able to hold up to 2 extra passengers. If you need more than 2, we have vans than can accommodate, we just need to know ahead. Also, passengers are not an extra charge.

We expect our medical transports to have at least one passenger and strive to accomadate.

The only insurance we take at the moment is Community Care. Many insurance companies have their own transportation services.

What kind of payments do you accept?