Your Drivers
​HealthRide drivers are passionate about their jobs. We carefully select your drivers.  All drivers have undergone background checks and drug screens.  The drivers are well trained and are looking-out for your interests. Your safety is the #1 priority to us.  

How we started

We started with one man and a van in 2013 to make a living while serving his community. Ryan recognized the need for a wheelchair transportation company in Tulsa. He started with one van and now less than 7 years later, we now have the largest fleet of vans in the city of Tulsa with an average of 35,000 transports a year. 

Your Transport

All our vans are wheelchair accessible; that means that you can stay in the wheelchair throughout the transport.  Wheelchair Vans keep patients in wheelchair during the entire ride (chair is locked-in and seat belt fastened).  Our vans can fit almost any size wheelchair, just let us know about your needs prior to transport.  Also, please let us know about your experience with our service.

"This is the best birthday I've ever had. Thank you Ryan and LaDawn for letting me do this." -Millie at her 80th birthday party at Red Lobster